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Terms and Conditions 2021

The following terms and conditions relate to any work associated with work from Assure Approach Marketing, Trading as The Social Geeks.  The below terms and conditions are relevant to any person who undertakes work from Assure Approach Marketing, trading as The Social Geeks, unless otherwise agreed in writing.


For ease of reference in the below terms and conditions, work carried out by Assure Approach Marketing, trading as The Social Geeks will only be referred to as ‘Hayley Jenkins’ or ‘The Social Geeks’ in the document provided below.

 Any work provided to the client by The Social Geeks is based on the mutual understanding that both parties agree to abide by the terms outlined in this document.

 Terms outlined below are in reference to any package carried out with The Social Geeks. For any clients who choose to opt in to one of the ‘social saver’ packages, all terms below will apply, however you will immediately enter six month rolling contracts, as opposed to the rolling three months stated in these terms.

 Project Acceptance and Payment Terms

 The client will receive a written quote outlining details of project scope (including alteration agreements, payment terms, and what’s expected) from Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks. Once the client accepts any quote given by The Social Geeks, the client will be immediately be bound into the terms and conditions.

 Payments should be made in one instalment – 100% of payment to be made upon receipt of invoice, unless agreed otherwise.

 If agreed otherwise, Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks will outline a payment date specified to you. If you do not abide and make payment by the agreed date, you will be billed as per late payment fee terms (see below).

 Project Commencement

 Work will not commence until payment has been received by the bank account of Assure Approach Marketing. You must also send email confirmation of payment, and once Hayley Jenkins can confirm that this has been received, the project start date will begin and you will be billed on this same date each recurring month.

 Contractual Obligation

 All contracts will be renewed every month, and the client is obliged to give Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks, 30 days notice to cancel any plan.  For example. Should your contract commence on the 1st January 2021, it will automatically renew on the 1st Feb 2021. Should you fail to notify Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks before 1st Jan 2021 (in this example), you will automatically be opted into the next month contractual obligation (Feb). Should you be late in notifying Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks, (for example notify The Social Geeks on the 28th Jan 2021 in relation to this example) that you do not wish to continue into another three month contract, you will still be expected to pay the invoice for the following month (whether you choose to use the services or not is up to you), OR if you have been given a discounted rate by Hayley Jenkins, then the total of the discount instead. You will be presented with both options.

Contractual payments

 Once the client enters their rolling contractual agreement, they will be obliged to set up a standing order for payment to be made on the same date that the initial payment was made. Standing orders should be set up no later than one week prior to the contractual agreement starting to ensure the smooth running of the project moving forward. Once the client sets up standing order payments, there should not be any issue with missed or late payment.

 Late payment

 Clients will be given three days leeway either side of their expected payment date. For example, if payment should be expected on the 15th of each month, you will be given until the 18th of that same month to make payment. Should the payment not be met on the expected payment date or within three days, you will immediately be charged 10% of project cost. Each week that payment is late, a further 10% of total project cost (including previous charges) will be added to your bill. You will be sent an updated invoice every week with the new total payable fee from Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks.

 Flexible payment option for clients who do not wish to enter three month contractual obligations.

This is at the discretion of Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks, and you may be declined to work on a flexible basis. Late payment fees will still apply, as an agreed payment date will be set in stone prior to moving forward with your service agreement. You will still be expected to provide Hayley Jenkins with 30 days notice of cancelling your service agreement.

In the event of non-payment and no notice to cancel, you will continue to be billed as per late payment fee above until the settlement of invoice.

Payment Charges

 Any other third party apps that are used for campaigns the client will be notified of and billed for. If clients request paid advertising, this will not be inclusive in your social management cost and will therefore be billed separately for any paid advertising.

 Project Responsibility

  • The client must hold certain responsibility for project, such as providing Hayley Jenkins with the key information she needs for swift start to the project.
  • The client is expected to be responsive to all communication from Hayley Jenkins to work to the best of her ability on the services as agreed.
  • Lack of response from the client will not hinder agreed invoice dates, and if you fail to communicate with Hayley Jenkins and that stops her from doing the work, your invoice date will still remain the same and you will still be invoiced.
  • Hayley Jenkins will not be held responsible for issues on the client end and their lack of communication.
  • Clients are expected to have a certain level of responsibility for their branding, passwords and any other information Hayley needs to get started on the project.
  • Hayley Jenkins asks that there be one key member of contact from the client, unless otherwise discussed, to keep the lines of communication clear.
  • Hayley shares a Google drive with clients at the beginning stages of projects and this MUST be saved and searched for prior to asking how to locate it on a regular basis (you will be given a link which you will be expected to save, to be able to keep on top of project updates prior to asking Hayley project status).

Response Time and Communication

  • Hayley aims to respond to every email within 24 hours, however can sometimes take 48 hours (this does not include weekends).  
  • Must not communicate on multiple channels if you can’t get hold of Hayley within the 24 hour time slot. Please stick to only emails and text messages where needed, unless otherwise agreed.
  • Please do not expect response after 6pm Monday – Friday or weekend time via social messaging.
  • Depending on your monthly invoiced amount will depend on number of communication. The clients who have opted for monthly retainers under £300.00 should expect to have minimal communication throughout the month itself after project scope has been agreed.

 Workload Distribution

 As a self-employed contractor abiding by IR35, the client allows Hayley Jenkins to distribute work to freelancers for effective running of the service agreement.

 Passwords and Sensitive Information

 Your passwords and sensitive information will be kept 100% private by Hayley Jenkins. Should she need to share your information with a freelance member of her team, she will notify you prior to doing so. Once contracts between both parties have ended, your passwords and sensitive information will be removed from our records immediately.

 Refusal and Cancellation

 Hayley Jenkins reserves the right to refuse any work without giving reason. Should any work be sent to Hayley Jenkins by the client that Hayley Jenkins deems as immoral, offensive, or illegal, the client must allow Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks to remove herself from the project with immediate effect.

 Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks is able to cancel the contract at any time should she not see the working relationship going well and bill at her hourly rate for any work commenced of £50.00 per hour.

 Location of work

 Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks can choose the location of which she does her work from and does not have to be onsite for any of the work that gets carried out, unless specified and agreed otherwise. Should you request Hayley Jenkins, The Social Geeks to travel to your office for specified work or meetings, you will be expected to pay for travel and invoiced the cost on your following invoice.  


 Refunds are not possible. In the event of wanting to cancel your agreement with immediate affect and request a refund, this will only happen if Hayley Jenkins agrees to cancel your project in line with her above terms with no notice period. Hayley Jenkins will then invoice you in accordance with her hourly rate of £40.00 per hour for any work that took place and refund the remaining part of paid invoice, with good reason and should she see fit.

 The above terms and conditions are governed by UK Law.


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