5 ways to maximise Twitter activity

Twitter has had a tough time of it in recent years. There was a period when it seemed to be running almost neck and neck with the social behemoth that is Facebook. However, many commentators have been quick to note how it has seemingly failed to keep pace with those young whippersnappers, Instagram and Snapchat. At the same time, Twitter’s critics and knockers seem to be on the up.

Maybe Twitter has become more about the place that a certain Donald J Trump goes to rant, and less about being a brilliant marketing platform for your business. There’s no doubt that Twitter has lost some of its shine and glamour – but that doesn’t mean that it hasn’t still got lots to offer any brand.

As with any social channel, it’s not the being on the platform that matters, it’s what you do when you’re there. So, here are 5 ways to maximise your Twitter activity.

Embrace the fact Twitter is the go-to Customer Service Channel

The openness of Twitter is both an opportunity and a risk for brands. In general terms, what’s shared on Twitter is seen by all. On Facebook, only a user’s friends see a post. The public nature of Twitter means that most people take to Twitter when they want to say something about a brand.

Yes, there’s a risk to that. It’s easy for a customer to make a complaint and call out a brand. But the fact that Twitter is the go-to social media platform of choice for customer service queries should be something that is embraced and not feared.

By cultivating positive relationships with customers on Twitter, a powerful message about your brand can be sent out to a wide audience. You’ll be hard pushed to find a easier and quicker way of getting your brand message out there.

Love your Lists

Twitter Lists are underused and undervalued, and something that simply aren’t shown the love they deserve. Lists can be used for a variety of very useful tasks and serve a number of functions. They can be created and segmented to help you keep on top of your prospects, your competitors, or your targets.

Get in touch with decision makers

Twitter is great as a means of getting in touch, keeping in touch and developing relationships with the people that really count: the decision makers, the leaders and the influencers. Typically, decision makers don’t respond to cold calls, but you see impressive response rates on Twitter.

Keeping your prospects warm

Twitter is also great for keeping your prospects warm and engaged. You never really know how long they’ll be in the sales funnel for, but at least there’s an easy way of getting quickfire messages out to them: tweeting!

Reaching a high number of people in an instant

And that leads us very nicely to our final point – the simplicity and ease of it all. Twitter remains perhaps the best way there is on social to reach a large number of people instantly. The importance of this should never be underestimated.

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